Chuzzle is a puzzle game- You must pop furry balls by forming groups

Chuzzle is a puzzle game in which you must pop furry balls by forming groups of three or more.
Of course, you´ll have to watch out for dangerous puzzle locks.

The game has high resolution graphics. It can be played in four modes: Classic, Speed, Zen and Mind Bender, in Rainbow, Giant and Super Chuzzles. You´re awarded with trophies as you win.

You have to drag a row or column of furry balls. If there are three or more balls from the same color aligned, they will disappear from the board, rewarding you with points. The empty spaces will be then occupied by new balls. If they form another group, they will disappear as well, and you will score point for creating a combo.

From time to time, a big furry ball will appear. That big ball will difficult your movements. You will earn more points for making it disappear. Sometimes, certain ball will vibrate, there will be some extra points if you include it in a disappearing group. There will be some "locked" balls that will prevent you to move the entire row and column where it is located.

You can ask for a Hint if you don´t know how to move. That´s not free, the game will deduce you point every time you ask for a hint. When you don´t have more possible moves, you can scramble the board. Only a few scrambles are allowed.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • Nice sound, graphics and music


  • Is not a very original idea
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